Pontoon Boat Rental

2013 Pontoon Boat

Boat rentals or pontoon rentals on Mille Lacs Lake

Boat rentals or pontoon boat rentals are available to those staying with us at the resort, staying elsewhere or just coming up for the day.

Guests of the resort receive a discount (2 day stay required). Those not staying at the resort may rent a boat or pontoon by the hour or for a full day (see rates below).

Multiday Boat Rental Discounts apply – if you book online, this rate will show as available to you. Rates for multiday are shown below. 

Reserve a Boat online now or to book hourly, call us at 320-676-1100.

The rates for each boat are shown in the table below. We have the newest boat rentals on the lake. The boat rental is at the dock waiting for you when you arrive. Please allow 15-20 minutes for check in.

Boat Rental Rates

Note to qualify for a guest boat rate, you must stay 2 or more nights. Discounts of 30% are available to guests staying only 1 night. This change is effective for all reservations booked AFTER 8/13/2013.

BoatDescriptionSun-ThursFri-SatGuest Rate (2+ day stay required)Multiday (non guest)
18' Crestliner Sportfish (2005 & 1993 Models)150 HP motor, 7-8 capacity, GPS$50/hr with 2hr min $275 all day$75/hr - 2 hr min $350 all day$100 - $150/day$500 for 2 day; $700 for 3 day; $100 each day thereafter.
23' Hurricane Deckboat (1995)Like a pontoon, 225 HP motor, 11 capacity, GPS$50/hr with 2hr min $275 all day Guest Rate: $100 day$75/hr - 2 hr min $350 all day$100 - $150/day$500 for 2 day; $700 for 3 day; $100 each day thereafter.
24' Pontoon (1988 refurbished)40 HP motor; 6-8 capacity, GPS$50/hr with 2hr min $275 all day Guest Rate: $100 day$75/hr with 2hr min $350 all day$100 - $150/day$500 for 2 day; $700 for 3 day; $100 each day thereafter.
24' Pontoon (2013)60 HP motor, 12 capacity, GPS$75/hr with 2hr min $299 all day Guest Rate: $150 day$100/hr with 2hr min $399 all day; Guest rate $200$150 - $200/day$550 for 2 day; $800 for 3 day; $100 each day thereafter.
16' Aluminum Fishing Boat9 HP motor, 3 capacity, no GPS$25/hr with 2hr min $100 all day Guest Rate: $50 day$35/hr with 2hr min $150 all day$50-$100/day$500 for 7 day otherwise the daily rate applies.
CanoeCanoe can be delivered for $25$25/day$35/dayn/an/a

Boat Rental Notes

Please note the following:

  • Guest rate applies ONLY to guests staying 2 or more days. Guests staying 1 day and renting a boat will receive a 30% discount off an all day rental rate only, not the hourly rate.
  • Gas is not included with a rental. You  pay for gas you use at the dockside rate.
  • A credit card is required to rent as well as a valid driver’s license.
  • Day rentals start at 8 AM and end at dusk. You may pick up your boat any time after 8 AM. If you are late for your reservation, you will not be discounted for time unused.
  • Once the boat leaves the dock, you are responsible for your entire rental period. If you discover an issue with your boat, you must let us know immediately. Discounts will not be given for raising issues after you have returned from your reservation.
  • Multi-day discounts are available for all boats.
  • Boats may not be trailered anywhere. They remain on this lake.
  • We are located on the SE Corner of Mille Lacs.
  • Life jackets are provided for your boat rental. Small children life jackets may not be available, please plan to bring your own.
  • A security deposit will be preauthorized when you rent. Up to $500 will be preauthorized for all speed boats, pontoons have a $350 preauthorization and our small 16′ boat has a $200 security pre-auth required.
Crestliner Sportfish
Seats 7 people
8 Person Capacity
11 Person Capacity
Capacity 6-8
3 Person Capacity
Pontoon Boat Rental
2013 Pontoon Boat

Reserve a Boat online now or to book hourly, call us at 320-676-1100.

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