Fishing Report – July 18

Sorry about the delay on the fishing report! There were a couple of hangups this past week.

Keep in mind the slot is still under 18″ with the state shutdown. You can buy fishing licenses at stores now.

As far as the fishing bite goes, people have been catching 15-25 fish in an evening, a fair number of keepers. Daytime fishing has been tougher on the south end, you find pockets of fish and then they seem to vanish.

The best bite has been on the north half of the lake pulling spinners or lead core. You will catch bigger fish though, not as many keepers unless you go farther north on the mud. If you are trolling leadcore, use river rocker and shadlings in anything that looks like a tulibee or shiner.

Perch colored bait is working as well but that seems to be the case if you are fishing lower in the water column, a few feet off the bottom.

For spinners, the same colors apply. If you fish off the bottom, tulibee or shiner.

Jig colors – orange / brown, chartreuse and orange, black and green should be firing any day.