Fishing Report – July 7, 2011

Here is Mike’s report on Fishing, or Catching rather, as it’s been the last few days.

We are mainly fishing the main lake gravel humps. The crayfish are molting still so any 1/32 oz with some orange on it is popular.  Orange and brown and orange and chartreuse are the best colors by far. Depths we are fishing are 22′-26′ of water on the southern half of the lake. While spinners and lead core are working for many fisherman, we are primarily slip bobbering on this end of the lake.

The last couple days, limits came fairly easy…nice 16″-18″ fish. Many big fish as well.

If you are fishing the mud, the same techniques have been working – fish the top edges in 23′ – 27′. Orange is still a good color on the north end, but chartreuse was a better color. Not a lot of keepers up there but lots of big fish.

There have been reports of people struggling a little bit but the last couple days of guide trips produced a little more than 40 fish a day and a limit of keepers.

For the full fishing report, tune into Lindy’s Fishing Tackle website and look for the Audio Reports. From there, locate Minnesota and scroll down to find Mike Christensen.