Current Ice Conditions

Today is March 9, 2013.

We are still plowed out to Hennepin Island. Road Passes are $10 and you get a free can of Larva!

We  still want you to keep your speed to 15 MPH or less and respect the lake.

From 11/24/12

Check our WebCam for views of the ice.

Pictured left is a shot of the bench on our dock covered in ice from the early ice storm.

Isle’s Weather

Sunday 10/26 20%
Sunshine and some clouds. Slight chance of an afternoon shower. High 61F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph.
Chance of Rain
Monday 10/27 30%
Chance of Rain
Mostly cloudy skies with a few showers later in the day. High 61F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.
Chance of Rain
Tuesday 10/28 40%
Chance of Rain
Showers in the morning, then cloudy in the afternoon. High 46F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%.