Fishing Report – Monday, June 27, 2011

Overall the bite has been good. Not the best it has been but still good. The recent bug hatch slowed things down a little. Guide boats are averaging 25-30 walleyes in an 8 hour day. The fish are moving deep – fish the deep transitions anywhere from 28-36′.

The last few days, many of the boats are mainly pulling spinners. Anything with silver hue to match shiners and those that look like perch always do well.

The Evening bite is still decent and again the average guide boats are catching 25-30 in a night. Fish are deeper unless there is a wind in which case you will find them a bit shallower in 10-14.’

This summer our dock fishing has been great – 10-15 a night on average. It has finally slowed down and we are only seeing one or two a night.

There are plenty of boats fishing the mud and they are doing well out there rigging or using spinners.

The colors to use on the 1/32 oz Lindy jigs are orange, orange and chartreuse, black and green, green, depending on weather. If it’s cloudy use darker colors, brighter colors if not.

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