Spear Fishing and Darkhouse Rentals

Spearhouse Fishing and Darkhouse Rentals are Available Now.

With the introduction of the new regulations set by the DNR for fishing on Mille Lacs, spear fishing is open for Northern Pike. Spearfishing uses artificial fish decoys or live bait suspended in clear water. You view fish through large holes in the house and when you see the fish, you spear it. Simple, primitive, and fun.

Hunter Winfield’s is located in Isle Bay which is ideal for this type of fishing! See through the crystal clear water, “watch and release” or spear a nice eater or trophy.

Book one of our Darkhouse Rentals on Mille Lacs –  spears and decoys are available also to rent for $20 / day.

All our houses are 6×8 2 man houses.

Spearfishing on Millelacs

Spearfishing – Back on Mille Lacs!

To reserve, call 320-676-1100 or book online using our Ice House Booking page.


Rental rates for a 2 man house is $90 per shift for the guest rate and $115 for non-guest rate. Darkhouse check-in time is 8 AM. Guest

Weekends require a 2 day minimum: $299 guest / $375 non-guest rate. Weekend is either Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday.

Guests qualify for the guest rate when they are renting a Wheel House, Skid House, or any Cabin.

4 of our new houses are Alumalites purchased through Beberg Outdoors. Click the logo link for more information on their houses.

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